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Hi and Welcome to www.ZX81Kit.com !


What is this site all about then ? Well it is about the Sinclair ZX81 - Brand new in kit form never built , and waiting for you to buy and build , or just keep as an investment , as they are going up in value all the time !

The Sinclair ZX81 was the third of Sir Clive Sinclair's commercially available computers. Sir Clive Sinclair was , and is one of the UK's great innovators, having created some of the first calculators , LED watches and personal home computers , the first being the Cambridge MK14 microcomputer, the success of which lead to the ZX80 in 1980, available in kit form by mail order from popular electronics hobbyist magazines.

The success of the ZX80 lead Sinclair to create the ZX81 in 1981 with a larger memory and improved mathematical functions. It was extremely popular due to its low cost and relative power, and hence well supported with software and peripherals by both Sinclair and other companies. The ZX81 was also extensively used in schools and colleges for educational purposes, many people working in the computer industry today had their first computer experiences with the ZX81.

The ZX81 was available in kit and pre-built forms until the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (with hi-resolution colour graphics and sound!) outdated it. The ZX81 however was not forgotten and continues to provide its users with simple computing fun 20 years later as a quick search on the internet will show !

A stock of ZX81 kits, peripherals and components has been held by our associates in the USA since the 1980s, which are now available for sale by us to supply to you here in the UK and all over Europe.  This site has come about to sell and support the ZX81 in the new millennium.

Please feel free to take a look around this site !